Tri-State ATV Club Etiquette

Most of the trail system is on public lands where ranchers have permits to graze cattle and sheep. Consequently, you may see them on any part of the trail. They are completely harmless. When encountering cows or sheep simply reduce your speed and continue driving. They will get out of the way. Remember that these cows and sheep belong to someone so do not harass them. There are gates along the trail separating pastures and land ownerships. Always leave these gates as you find them; open if you find them so, or closed if they were closed when you arrived.

Tri state atv club etiquette trail hand signals.

Tread Lightly

Some of the areas of the Forest and BLM are closed or restricted to motorized travel to protect wildlife habitat, watershed conditions, or other recreational opportunities. When riding, remember not to trespass on private property and stay on designated trails. Carry out any garbage and generally leave the land as you found it.

Remember…“Tread Lightly,”

Pre-planning is the key to a successful trip. Once you embark on the trail, you are in a different world with few support services. It is important that you have everything you might need. This includes having enough fuel, tire repair, and other minor repair supplies to get from one filling station to the next. The trail system is so extensive that even though there may be hundreds of people riding the trail at the same time, you may go for hours and even all day without meeting anyone.