Helmets:  For riders under age 18 it’s the law, but we advise everyone to wear a helmet.


Out of State Requirements for participants:  The Tri State ATV Jamboree is exempt from Utah and Arizona out of state registration requirements during the Jamboree, however vehicles must have a current registration for the state you reside. If you are riding before or after the Jamboree you are required to meet the out of state requirements for each state. Youth ages 8-15 must possess an OHV education certificate before operating an OHV on public land.

















When does Registration Begin?  Registration for the next Tri-State ATV Jamboree will begin on November 1st of the prior year.


Where do I Check in at the Jamboree The Check-In Desk is located at the Washington County Legacy Park in Hurricane, Utah.  (Take Exit #16, SR9, and travel approximately 3 miles. Turn right (south) at the Quail Lake Reservoir turnoff).  

Check in and pick up your Jamboree Packets beginning on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.


How / When do I sign up for rides Ride sign-ups are now done online.  There will be a table by the information desk to answer all questions about rides.

Can we wash our ATV/UTV at the fairgrounds:  NO - there is no washing of your units allowed.


Tri-State ATV “Club Members” Registration:  You must be a current member with membership fees paid up-to-date.  If you register as a club member and are not current with your fees, you will need to either pay the club membership fees or pay the additional $30 for the Full Registration Cost when you check in.  

Membership fees can be paid on our website on the home page.


Refund Policy:  Refund requests must be made in writing to:

The Tri-State ATV Club

P.O. Box 624

Hurricane, UT 84737


The Tri-State ATV Jamboree will issue refunds according to the following schedule:


For Full Registrations:   (Club Members subtract an additional $10 on #1 thru #4)


   1.  Full refund if postmarked prior to January 1.

   2.  $80 – requests postmarked between  January 1 and January 15.

   3.  $40 – requests postmarked between   January 16 and February 15.

   4.  $20 – requests postmarked between February 16 and February 20.

   5.  No refunds will be issued after February 20.

For 1-Day Registrations:


​  1.   Full refund if postmarked prior to January 1.

  2.  $25.00/day – requests postmarked between January 1 and January 15.

  3.  $12.50/day - requests postmarked between   January 16, and February 15.

  4.  $6.25/day – requests postmarked between February 16 and February 20.

  5.  No refunds will be issued after February 20.

If the Jamboree has to be cancelled due to Covid Pandemic mandates all money will be refunded less a $20.00

administrative fee per registered participant.



Motel/Hotel & RV Campground Reservations:  Click on CofC Button on the Jamboree tab.



Are there any places to Dry Camp with my RV? (NEW LOCATION!)  Dry camping is again available this year but with a few changes. Dry camping will be available in the upper parking lot of the Washington County Legacy Park, directly across the street from the Jamboree Headquarters. RV’s will no longer be allowed to park in the main parking area. Dry camping will be available to those who reserve a spot when they register for the Jamboree. There will be a nominal charge of $25 to camp for the entire Jamboree. This fee will be included in your online Jamboree registration. More than 60 RV’s took advantage of the dry camping last year. The camp host will direct you to your reserved space when you arrive.

RV dumps are available at two locations: Texaco Station just off the I-15 exit, and the Maverik Station in La Verkin.  

For full hook-up camping see the "General Info" tab.


Can I ride in town during the Jamboree?  There are a number of streets in town that are considered  “ATV/UTV friendly”.  Because of the number of riders during the Jamboree, local law enforcement is somewhat more lenient as to riding in town. 

However, it is our recommendation that riders do their best to stay on the generally approved routes as much as possible.


Can I ride double on an ATV during the Jamboree?  Utah State Law does not prohibit riding double. However, we have found cases where individuals have simply not been prepared for the length of the rides while riding double on their machine. 

Please be sure to have the necessary equipment and fuel that will make double riding both safe and enjoyable.


What is the weather like during the Jamboree?  It is important to be prepared for any and all kinds of weather types. In most years, riders experience some rain and even snow while on the trail. Regardless of precipitation, the elevation changes over most of the rides will result in a dramatic decrease in temperature during each ride. Please ride prepared!


Notice:  Riders are required to stay with their groups and follow the designated guide. This will help provide for the safety and comfort of all riders. A guide will assist the group in determining and maintaining a safe and comfortable speed and will determine the routes to be followed. Good judgment and responsible riding, on the part of every rider, must be exercised at all times on the trail. Each rider will be responsible for compliance with the conditions set forth herein, and for the condition and operation of his or her own ATV/UTV and related equipment, and of his or her own safety and protective gear, and that of those in his charge.


To download/print a copy of these Q&A, click on file below