Jamboree Photos for 2016

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Welcome to the Jamboree
2015 Jamboree
2015 Jamboree
Enjoying the food
2015 Jamboree
Club Sales Booth
2015 Jamboree
Breakfast line up
2015 Jamboree
Poker Run Sales & Registration Desk
2015 Jamboree
Raffle Ticket Sales Booth
2015 Jamboree
Check In Booth
2015 Jamboree
Ride Descriptions & Signup
2015 Jamboree
2015 Jamboree
Inside the Slot Canyon
Notice the log lodged high up. Peek-A-Boo Ride
A fallen boulder
Inside slot canyon on the Peek-A-Boo Ride
Overhang is pretty close
The Little Creek/Honeymoon Trail.
Rugged Trail
On the Little Creek/Honeymoon Ride
The view from on top.
Little Creek/Honeymoon Ride
The Coke Oven
On the Danish Ranch Ride
Historic Ft. Pearce
On the Looky Loo Ride
The Ice Mines
On the Looky Loo Ride
Little Black Mtn Petroglyphs
On the Looky Loo Ride
A great view of the valley below
On top of the Curly Hollow Trail ride
Great ride. A variety of trails.
On the Curly Hollow Ride
One of the few aggressive spots
On the Curly Hollow Ride
Blooms of the Joshua Tree
On the Joshua Tree Ride.
Lunch break
Before crossing the water on the Joshua Tree Trail
We all like riding in water
The Joshua Tree ride
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