By-Laws of the Tri-State ATV Club

Established: April 2003 in Hurricane, Utah

The Tri-State ATV Club is dedicated to the creation of the preservation of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) trails and riding areas and was established in April 2003. The Organization supports the responsible multiple use of public lands and recognizes the rights of private property owners. It is the organization’s goal to create a partnership between local, state, and federal agencies, private land owners, and recreational enthusiasts to identify and improve a trail system for the enjoyment of all responsible riders.

Article I

Name, Mission, and Objective

Section 1. Name and Organization:

This organization shall be known as the Tri-State ATV Club and shall include representatives from governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals who enjoy exploring public lands via 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, and other forms of motorized transportation.


Section 2. Mission

The mission of the Tri-State ATV Club is to unite as individuals into an organized club to (1) enjoy group activities and rides on public lands, (2) provide service opportunities to club members, (3) become better educated and involved in public land use issues that affect motorized recreation, (4) and promote commercial activities that provide opportunities to use the public lands, including Tri-State ATV events.


Section 3. Objectives

A. Meet together monthly to plan club activities such as rides, discuss laws and regulations that affect motorized recreation, plan public service projects, etc.

B. Enlist specialists from government and business entities to help educate and train club members as to products, laws, regulations, and other opportunities.

C. Provide volunteer manpower for worthy public service projects.

D. Assist public land managers in the identification and prioritization of public land use issues that affect motorized recreation.

E. Meet together as like-minded individuals to enjoy trail rides and other club activities.

F. Provide an opportunity for those new to motorized recreation with opportunities to learn proper land use ethics as well as where it is appropriate to ride.

G. Provide manpower to plan and staff Tri-State ATV events.

Article II

Officers and Committees

Section 1.  Officers

A.  The officers of the Tri-State ATV Club shall consist of the following:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

B.  Officers shall serve without monetary compensation.

C.  The duties of the club officers shall include:

  1. The President shall
    1. Prepare an agenda and conduct club meetings
    2. Represent the club at club activities and functions
    3. Represent the club in meetings and negotiations with government agencies
  2. The Vice-President shall act on behalf of the president as requested or in the President’s absence. In the event the President is no longer able to serve, the vice-president shall serve in that capacity until a replacement is duly elected.
  3. The Secretary shall keep the records of the club including minutes of meetings, club membership, calendar of events, and make notifications to club members of meetings and events. The Secretary shall keep a record of club membership and club correspondence. The secretary may be assisted by a membership secretary.
  4. The Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the club and shall keep a record of all monies received and deposit all monies received into the club bank account(s) in a timely manner. The Treasurer shall pay out monies as authorized by these by-laws or by a vote of the club. The Treasurer shall report the financial status of the club as requested, but at least annually. The financial records of the Club shall be made available for reasonable inspection by Club members in good standing. The Treasurer shall be responsible to ensure that any required state or federal financial or tax forms are completed and submitted by the due date.

D.  Election of officers:

  1. Regular elections of Club officers shall be conducted annually at the May meeting. In the event that a Club officer becomes unable to serve, that position will be filled in a special election to be held at a regularly scheduled Club meeting.

E.  Quorum of Club Officers

  1. Three Club Officers shall form a quorum for conducting club business.

Section 2.  Committees.

A.  Committees will be formed and staffed to carry out club objectives and activities.  They may include but not be limited to:

  1. Tri-State ATV Jamboree Committee
  2. Club ride committee
  3. Club social and service committee
  4. Club Governmental Affairs Committee
  5. Club Communication and Technology Committee

B. Club members in good standing may serve as chairperson or member in any of the Club committees. The chairperson or committee member shall serve on a volunteer basis and should be willing to serve at least one year.

C.  The officers of the above committees shall include:

  1. The Tri-State ATV Jamboree committee officers shall include:
    1. Jamboree Chairperson
    2. Jamboree treasurer
    3. Sub-Committee chairpersons over
      1. sponsorships and awards
      2. Jamboree sign-up chairperson
      3. Jamboree Trail Guide chairperson
      4. other sub-committees as needed.
  2. The Club Ride Committee shall have a chairperson and invite other members to assist.
  3. The Club social and service committee shall have a chairperson and invite other members to assist.
  4. The Club governmental affairs committee shall have a chairperson and invite other members to assist.
  5. The Club communication and technology committee shall have a chairperson and invite other members to assist.

D.  The duties of the Club committees shall be as follows:

  1. Club Committees:
    1. The Jamboree chairperson shall oversee all the activities and preparations for the
      Jamboree, represent the Club and Jamboree committee at Jamboree functions, and represent the Jamboree committee at planning and organizational meetings with government agencies.
    2. The Jamboree treasurer shall handle all monies from registrations, sponsors, etc., keep an accurate record of Jamboree funds, deposit funds into the Jamboree account in a timely manner, and make disbursements of Jamboree funds with the approval of the Chairperson. The treasurer shall make a financial report within 60 days of the conclusion of the Jamboree for that year. The Club Treasurer may serve as the Jamboree treasurer.
    3. The Jamboree subcommittee chairperson over sponsorships and awards shall be responsible for initiating contact with potential Jamboree sponsors and following up with previous Jamboree sponsors and collecting sponsorship monies and sponsorship awards and donations.
    4. The Jamboree subcommittee chairperson over sign-up shall receive Jamboree sign-up applications, oversee the sign-up of participants, handle all Jamboree registrations, and oversee the preparation of rider materials.
    5. The Jamboree trail guide chairperson shall coordinate and make assignments for guides for all Jamboree rides and insure that guide training is conducted.
    6. Other Jamboree committees may be organized as necessary.
  2. The Club ride committee shall plan Club rides on a regular basis to provide social riding opportunities, help others learn where to ride, and to help welcome new members.
  3. The Club social and service committee shall oversee the annual Club Christmas Social and service projects as needed.
  4. The Club governmental affairs committee shall keep the Club informed of governmental and regulatory processes and decisions that may affect the Club and advise members of opportunities to get involved.
  5. The Club communications and technology committee:
    1. shall be responsible for the establishment and on-going maintenance of the Club website.
    2. collect GPS data for Club and other rides and post them on a map datum to the Club website.
      (If no member is available or qualified for this position it will then be subcontracted out and paid for from the club funds).

E. Establishment of Club Committees:

  1. Club committee chairpersons and members shall serve on a volunteer basis.

Article III

Meetings, Membership, Amendments, Duties

Section 1.  Meetings:

  1. Club meetings shall be held on the Second Tuesday of each Month at the Hurricane City Offices building or at other locations to be determined at least one month in advance.

Section 2.  Membership and Dues:

  1. Membership is open to any person or family who wishes to support the stated purposes of the Club and accept the stated duties of Club members.
  2. Membership dues shall be per individual or per family to be paid annually. The respective amounts shall be determined by a two-thirds vote of club members present at a regularly scheduled Club meeting. Membership shall cease upon three months delinquency. Only current members in good standing shall be entitled to the benefits of Club membership.

Section 3.  Amendments:

  1. Amendments to the Club by-laws shall be made by a two-thirds vote of club members present at a regularly scheduled Club meeting.

Section 4.  Duties of Club members:

  1. Members shall promote a positive image for the Club. Each member is encouraged to attend as many meetings and be involved in as many Club activities as individual circumstances allow.
  2. Members are welcome to express ideas and opinions in Club meetings and in person or written form to Club officers.
  3. Members are encouraged to solicit others to join the Club and enjoy the benefits of membership.
  4. Members and their guests accept full responsibility for their personal safety and recognize that there are inherent hazards associated with motorized recreation. Members and guests will not hold the Club, Club officers or committee members liable or responsible for any harm, injury or death any may receive.


Adopted by a vote of the Tri-State ATV Club on: Revisions made October, 10th, 2023



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